Graphic design for your music.

Online music is like books in a library. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but everyone does.

Good tunes deserve good covers.

Leather Art
Zhu Art
Rous & SDDx Art



Full art or a simple logo, I put whole-hearted effort into each piece. I include the producer in the project as I work, keeping you up to date at all times, allowing us to work towards the same goal: unique, personal artwork.

Digital Painting
Abstract Artwork
Photo Manipulation



My photo-manipulations and abstract paintings already made local bands happy. Now I'd like to freelance in the internet! If you are interested in an artistic artwork, contact me!

Igor Petrovic

Sirovina Illustration
Var3 Illustration

Before the job I will estimate how many hours I will need.



Five years of expirence, designing on a daily basis. My work is primarly based on drawing vectors, which I later spice up with photo mainipulation. Get in touch for more info!

Carlos Ramos

Carlos One
Carlos Two
Carlos Three



Hey! My work has to do a lot with light to heavy photo manipulation, filtering and text. I can do all kinds of designs and I am experimenting with 3D designs! I charge little and I have a lot of time for everyone!

Cover for Lightsho
Logo for Ecstatik
OverLoad cover



We're teaming up to make some awesome logos and artwork for you. Our process is collaborative and transparent. The first drafts will show a couple vastly different directions based on your input, and then we'll work with you to develop an epic design that reps your tunes hard.


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